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I’m of the firm belief that everyone can program. If you’re sitting there thinking, “not me” – it’s time to think again. You can program. I have been a software developer for over 20 years and am growing ever more frustrated at how inaccessible we programmers make this subject. The quality of teaching literature out there makes the task seem daunting and confusing. I’ll never forget the “lightbulb” moment when I “got” programming and the purpose of this site is to help expedite that “lightbulb” moment in a clear, concise set of interactive tutorials written in plain English with absolutely no jargon.

You might have the next billion dollar idea but don’t know where to start. You may be hoping for a career change and wish to take advantage of the boom in demand for skilled programmers. You may already be a developer but want to learn Visual basic. Or, you may just be interested to know what the heck programming is. If any of the above applies to you then Visual Basic Tutorial is for you.

Since I developed this site I’ve been asked why I chose Visual Basic as a teaching tool. There are far newer languages in vogue right now. Well it’s a language that I love, it’s a language that remains extremely popular and it’s a language that has simplicity at its core. Much like VisualBasicTutorial.net.



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  1. Hi Chris,
    I want to learn visual basic in my spare time. I hope this tutorial will help me to learn VB very easily.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi there! Let me know how you get on. I’m still working on the site so just let me know if there’s any improvements you’d like to see. If something’s not clear or somethings missing, just give me a nudge.


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